Tonbridge Passion Play 2014

For many Easter is a time of simple pleasures. Chocolate and Roast Dinners. But for us it is a true celebration. It is the time of year that we rejoice the death of a man that took place over 2000 years ago. Sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it? Do not fear though, for he rises just three days later.

For those of us who may have forgotten, a re-enactment took place in the middle of Tonbridge last Friday. The Passion Play of 2014.

“So often we get caught up in life and we forget what’s important”

Though the wind was a bit cold, the sun was shining upon us for most of it, creating a bright stage for our fantastic players. The weather was definitely better than last year, where we were forced to huddle amidst jumpers and scarves to keep warm. And in my opinion it wasn’t the only improvement. I really enjoyed watching the play before, but I felt that the performance this time was far more captivating. They were more energetic and the mixture of music that they interjected was brilliant. I especially enjoyed the small extract from Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending, on the violin. It’s one of my favourite pieces from the classical genre and it seemed to bring a moment of peace along with it. The sun peered out from the clouds just as the player began and you could hear the blackbirds singing in the background. It was a perfect moment.

Of course we all knew the story so there were no surprises as we watched, but it was a great reminder to take a step back, and appreciate what had been done for us all those years ago. Jesus died for us so that we may live. It was all very PG, as there were kids present, but it did provide food for thought. So often we get caught up in life and we forget what’s important, I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to remember how much God really loves us.

I hope that even those who weren’t religious, were able to experience even just a second of clarity.

Those who organised it did a great job. I was particularly amused to see Jesus and Pilot walking around the Tonbridge Farmers’ Market the weekend before. I can’t say I was expecting to bump into them when I woke up that morning. But it worked, I don’t know if it was the sun or the better publicity but there appeared to be more people up at the castle this year than last, so let’s pray that it made an impact on them.

It was a lovely start to the Easter weekend and I definitely think it put people in a celebratory mood. I for one am excited to see where they’ll take it next year. But for now it is fantastic to know that He is indeed Risen.

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Photos courtesy of Brett Watson Photography

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