This leaflet has been created to tell you what happens when we go to Soul Survivor – including worship in the Big Top, crazy parties, support for youth and of course, food!



You may have heard a lot about Soul Survivor already, or not much at all. In a nutshell, we spend 5 days camping, having a lot of fun and drawing closer together as a group and to God who does some amazing stuff in and through us.

A typical day will start with a leader’s meeting where we touch base, share encouragements and pray for the day ahead. After breakfast together, there is a chance for the youth to either attend seminars or have free time. We then head to the big top for teaching, worship and prayer.

During lunch we have small group times, giving space for the young people to talk to their leaders and ask questions. This can often run over into free time, where there are more seminars provided by Soul Survivor, as well as activities run at our camp eg. hunt the leader and volleyball.

Before dinner, we meet together as a whole group to share testimonies of the week so far. After dinner, we head to the big top for another service. There is then more free time, before lights out for year 7-9 at 11pm, and year 10-13 at 11:30.




The morning and evening main sessions host 8,000+ young people and leaders. We sit in our group amongst thousands of other Christians to hear teaching, to worship and to pray for each other.


The gatherings are hosted by Mike Pilivachi, the founder of Soul Survivor, and his colleagues Andy Croft and Ali Martin. They are seen by many as the country’s best communicators to youth and will often do the main talks, but there are sometimes guest speakers such as Miriam Swaffield, Tim Ross and Beth Redman. Topics range from relationships, God’s love, heaven and hell, forgiveness, healing, and much more all relevant and engaging for youth.


At Soul Survivor, the worship is BIG (and loud!). We have found this helps to engage the youth! The worship leaders include Tom Smith, Beth Croft (can be found on Spotify & YouTube) and usually for a one day special, Rend Collective. What is so great about worship in the big top is that being surrounded by thousands of others allows us to be more free than usual.


There is always space to give and receive prayer and in these times God brings a lot of emotional and physical healing. Often we will pray for each other within our TBC group but there is also the opportunity to receive prayer from the Soul Survivor prayer ministry team. TBC leaders are always around and on the lookout to help anyone who finds this strange. We will also talk about these times in small groups.


Last night party:

The last night is a fancy dress party! Soul Survivor release the theme later on in the year and we will let you know in good time!


Other events:

In the ‘free time’ we have available, we encourage the youth to attend seminars they find interesting. Topics include Other religions, Mission, Life after Soul Survivor, being a Christian at university, Freedom from lies, Leadership, the Bible, and Science and God – all which are run by guest speakers. If they choose not to go to one of these, they can either chill at camp or wander round the site in groups, to visit cafes, sports hall, food trucks, or the toolshed.

During free time in the evening, there is also late night worship, discos and gigs which have included the Christian rapper Guvna B!

Soul Survivor also organises a ‘mass party’ for everyone. This has been a colour chaos party (with lots of coloured powder), or a foam party. These get announced closer to the summer but they always go down well!




Is my child too young? We have had youth in year 7 go (and leaders’ children who have been even younger) and they have loved it!

What if my child doesn’t believe in God? There is a lot of ‘God stuff’ but we know everyone is in a different place regarding faith. There are no expectations to be a Christian and there are lots of other fun events, sports competitions and activities.

What kind of support is there for my child? Each young person will be put into a small group with a leader to youth ratio of 1:3. Group leaders will keep track of youth and be there to support, help process, ask/answer questions.

How much is it? £180 but this goes up after 26th APRIL. If you would struggle to pay, we can offer help. Please let us know ASAP.