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This is the fourth post in our Get Hyped series that is aiding us in getting excited and prepared for our trip to Soul Survivor this summer. If you have missed the first or second  or even third post of this series then please have a read! During the day at Soul Survivor, as well as the seminars, there are many exciting things that happen including; football and other sports; an indoor skate park; cafés; open mikes; and so many other things. There is even great night life after the evening meetings – in fact, that’s when it get even better.

If going to a chilled out café is your thing, as many of you enjoy coming to our Youth Café on Monday and Wednesdays, then you are spoilt for choice. The best place to be in the evening (in my humble opinion) is Café Uno, which is a great Funk/Soul/Jazz room where you can grab a drink and hang out with friends, or meet new people.

There is live music, not only in the cafés but also in venues like The Underground where you can hear ‘cooler’ music ring out. It’s hard to walk past and not be drawn in by the shake of the bass coming from the place. Last year there was a dance off that was pretty insane, and if you look here there is a great video of it!

If you would rather be outside in the evenings, then there are still things to do. The tool-shed is still open where you can go and get resources like books, jumpers, bracelets and CDs, which is always worth a look around. One of the highlights for me was, again, the atmosphere of the campsite at night time. Often a song of worship will spring up around the tents, which even though it may keep you awake, also is a lovely sound.

I enjoy walking round at night time, because almost everywhere you turn there is the offer of a free hug, or people making friends. One of my favourite things is getting involved in games like ‘Ninja’ and the less common ‘Ghosting’ which often starts with people that you don’t even know.

If the evening meeting ends and you are wanting some more worship drop in to the Late Night Worship. I have never actually been to these sessions, but for the last few years they have been led by Rend Collective (see this) who have done an acoustic set. We would love to see some of you guys heading off to this to pursue God even more.143252_20131022_093220_396107_257242924347434_131240576947670_655095_1152350630_n_thumb

Every year Soul Survivor gets the rights to show us evening films in the Celluloid, often being classics or new popular releases. These are always great and so worth going to, but make sure you don’t miss out on all the other things that go on after dark on the Soul Survivor site.

If all of this, however, is too much, there is always the option of going to bed and getting an early one, and I would recommend this a couple of nights, because sleeping in tents, the early mornings and late starts all get get pretty exhausting. I know by the end of the week I want to marry my bed like this character from adventure time.

We can’t wait to go on Soul Survivor, and really push deeper with Jesus and get to know him more. The next post is going to be on the worship and prayer ministry times that are in abundance at Soul Survivor.

It’s not long until we leave but there is still time to book onto the trip. Have a look here for the booking form and then drop it into TBC soon.

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