Seminars: What are they?

This is the third post in our Get Hyped series that is aiding us in getting excited and prepared for our trip to Soul Survivor this summer. If you have missed the first or second post of this series then please have a read! Throughout the daytime at Soul Survivor, among all the activities and fun things on offer, there are many teaching and practical sessions called seminars (which have their own section on the Soul Survivor website). This post is going to walk you through some seminars and let you know how to get the most out of the week at Soul Survivor.

So what is a seminar, I hear you ask? That’s not something that can be answered in short, as they cover a wide range of things, but as I have said already they are sessions of practical, theoretical, and philosophical teaching (and other big words) on lots of topics. Simply put they are times where we come together and learn more and go deeper with God.

In my memory some of the best times at Soul Survivor have been in seminars. I have been to seminars on a wide range of things including worship, healing, sex and pornography, heaven and hell, leadership and about living as a Christian man.

One of the most impactful seminars I experienced was written about by Lily, one of our young people and regular bloggers, which was about Rend Collective’s Campfire Worship and really opened up one of the topics covered in a seminars last year. All the topics that’ll be covered at Soul Survivor are on the website, and I personally am looking forward to going to some on community, discipleship, identity and prayer as well as all the others that are on offer. If you see a topic that you are interested in, why not comment below? Or if you feel you want to chat about something before Soul Survivor that is surrounding a topic then email one of the team.

Often, from the seminars, there will be testimonies shared of healing, both physical and mental, which are then given in the main meetings. One memory that really sticks with me is when I went to a seminar that was about a character from the Old Testament (I cant remember which one). When I got there the speaker had changed the topic, and instead lead us into praying for people in groups. I wasn’t in a group with anyone I knew and as I prayed for the three other men I got words and pictures come into my thoughts. The pictures and words were prophetic (from God) and on more than one occasion the guys had quite a deep emotional reaction to some of the things God lead me to say.

In our busy lives, there are few times where we can take time to chew over and thrash out things we hear and learn and Soul Survivor is a great opportunity to do this. Our prayer for you is that by making the most out of every opportunity to receive and serve, you will see God working through you and others in life transforming ways.

If you want to find out more about Soul Survivor Week C then please look at the website. If you would like to book on with us you can download the form here to return it to TBC.

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