Marvel: Beware!

We should marvel at God, however, there are times when we allow our focus to shift.

It didn’t take long for Adam and Eve to mess things up!  Things were perfect and two chapters later it all changes!

We can easily shift gaze or focus, allowing others’ doubts to affect us.

Why is shifting focus a problem?

Bottom line – it ruins our relationship with God.

Notice with me if you will how Adam and eve were distracted.  Satan, in serpent form, casts doubt in their minds.  In verse 1 he says ‘did God really say?’ This was how he operated then and this is how he operates to this day.

Why was Satan saying to Adam and Eve did God really say…. A problem?  Because he knew the one rule God had made and he knew the only way to get them to take their gaze off God was to press this button.

Now, I don’t see much resistance here.  There is no fight from Eve, the Bible says that Adam was with her, I don’t see him in some Hollywood action scene shouting a slow motion noooo!!!! and trying to stop Eve.  Adam and Eve are both guilty of shifting their focus.

Satan is the same with us.  He uses that question ‘did God really say’ and causes us to doubt.

 did God really say


Have you seen game shows or ever been put on the spot, maybe by a teacher, or a police man, where you are 100% convinced about it until someone says something is at stake.  You become 99% sure and then the 1% of doubt suddenly becomes the focus and affects your answer.

Satan is not omnipotent, he doesn’t know your thoughts, he’s not clever, he’s just cunning, crafty.  He’s been watching humans for over thousands of years, he knows how humans tick.  He knows that there are a few things that will make ALL humans go wrong:

Sex, self- image, Money, power

And he uses these to distract us from God.

1 peter 5 8


What ways is this true today? Satan prowls, he gives little lines and thoughts that take us right off track with Jesus.

  • Did God really say that you should have sex is for marriage? How prudish is that? No, you’re fine to have it whenever you want, it’s fun, it won’t hurt you, as long as you enjoy it.
  • Did God really say that sex is between two people who love each other? Why don’t you have a look at porn, God didn’t’ say anything about that!
  • Did God really say he loves you? No he doesn’t, how could he, look at you?
  • Did God really say there’s a devil – I don’t exist, I am too politically incorrect to exist, look the world doesn’t believe I exist so I don’t (but I will still keep putting these thoughts in your head!)

Satan is given lots of names:

accuser (of you and me), destroyer, adversary, deceiver, father of lies, murderer, roaring lion, ruler of demons, ruler of this world, thief, tempter, serpent of old.

So we don’t need to listen to him.

It is tough for us, because what Satan says can be so tempting, or can seem to be true.  Satan hates God, and because God loves us so much, Satan does all he can to break our relationship with God, because that is not what God wants.  It is the most epic good vs evil battle ever, the best film plot, the most exciting.  The good news is that Jesus has already won!  But that means that Satan is going to go down fighting!

Let’s put all this in the perspective of the God that we serve!

If we read the book of Job, we know that Satan has to ask God’s permission to do anything. And God knows us and loves us.  And God won’t allow Satan to do anything read 1 Corinthians 10:13.

So knowing that Satan is prowling, how do we marvel at God?

  • Read your Bible
  • Pray – and listen to God
  • Do some crazy things – if you feel god is telling you to do something, do it!
  • Community – get a group around you, a small group, get a mentor, get some good friends who you can be accountable to.
  • Put on the armour of God:



God never changes, he loves us, Satan never changes, he will keep tempting people how has done and is doing.  Our enemy is predictable our God is faithful, our enemy has already been beaten, our God has already won!!!


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