God on the Beach

I have just read a book by one of my lecturers. As I have done missionary work in other countries, it is really inspiring to know that God works in England as much as He does elsewhere.

Book name: God on the beach

image gotbAuthor: Michael Volland

From the back cover: Newquay: the UK’s infamous summer party capital.

The town was heaving with young clubbers and surfers, each one desperate to live life to the full, eager for experience, ready to ride the waves and hit the heights.
Into this chaotic carnival dropped Michael Volland; DJ, surfer and team member in a beach mission 21stcentury style. There was just one problem: Michael was not at all convinced that God would turn up.

The events that followed blew his mind.

Content: A group of young Christians travel to Newquay during the summer holidays, a popular time for parties, drinking, drugs and surfing. Their plan was to do some missionary work on the beach.

The mission appeared to just be Christians walking around in hoodies and flip flops handing out leaflets and playing beach volley ball, not exactly a hard challenge!

The town of Newquay is very popular for surfing, and during the summer months, loads of people head to its beaches. Michael Volland was exactly the same; surfing was the main reason for going there, rather than to do the ‘mission’ part of the trip.

Yet God started challenging him. Michael struggled with ‘Christian guilt;’ the thought that he wasn’t doing enough, he wasn’t good enough, that he wasn’t spiritual at all. However, after arriving in Newquay he started to to question his decision, thinking he’d made a mistake and shouldn’t’ be there. Yet throughout the book God has different plans for him.
Michael reveals that the team used volleyball as a way of talking to people. This lead to having someone ask for drugs enabled the team to talk with him about Jesus for nearly 2 hours and how an encounter with a white witch who had been casting spells against them ended up praying with a member of the team.

Review: This book is very inspiring due to the fact that the team were just normal people, in England, who felt awkward praying out loud, didn’t know how to tell people about God and would rather have a comfortable faith, not talking about it with people who were not Christians.

Yet, God uses them in incredible ways. He loves that they took a small step in faith, turning up to join the team rather than doing something they felt more comfortable with; surfing.

Michael shows us that, with a small bit of trust, God can use us in any situation. The book has funny twists and turns about how God works within us. No matter who we are and where we are, even when we aren’t sure how He could work within a situation.

If you want to be challenged in your faith, talk to a leader to find out how God can work through you today.