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The call for those that believe in Jesus is to live a life that shows God’s love. This is all the way through the Bible from Adam in the garden of Eden being called to steward the earth well and love his wife to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians writing about love in chapter 13 (usually used at weddings – love is patient, love is kind etc.)

Jesus did some amazing and quite frankly, unbelievable things when he walked on the earth. He went around healing, multiplying food, raising the dead, opening blind eyes and deaf ears, telling people their whole lives without ever having met them before and lived an extraordinarily close life with God the Father.

The amazing thing he said was that it wasn’t because of his power but it was the power of God through him. He then went on to empower his disciples and they empowered the early church to go throughout the world and speak the good news of God’s love by word and POWER.

The blurb of ‘Everyday Supernatural’, the new book from Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft, says “God intended each one of us to consciously depend on the Holy Spirit and use supernatural gifts as everyday tools. Relying on the Holy Spirit is no weird, full of hype, or something only for certain parts of the Church. It’s for anyone who wants to know God more fully – and make every day naturally supernatural”

I have been witness to God doing a handful of pretty incredible things. It is the most amazing thing to be involved in God doing a miracle. There’s nothing quite like seeing people’s reaction to the God of the whole universe coming into their space and healing or giving a spot on prophetic word that bends the scientific laws of this world.

Over this Autumn term, we will be reading through this book and learning how God’s power can be a part of our everyday life. It’s all about seeking to be closer to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us to see His love be expressed in powerful ways.

We will be sharing stories of healing, prophetic words, using gifts like tongues and we will even be trying some of it out in our LIFE meetings and in cell groups.

We will be thinking about and discussing each chapter but there won’t be time to read the whole thing so it would be AMAZING if everybody bought the book to read. You can order it online for about £9 or you can get some money off if you buy it through the church. Contact Dan if you would like him to order you one.

Here are the dates for this term:




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